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The Winds of Change.   As our world continues its progression toward a global society, many changes and exciting developments are taking place. One of the goals for the company's web site is to provide a regular flow of fresh new metallurgical and materials engineering content, which will be interesting and helpful to visitors.

A Kaleidoscope of News and Views.   The AMA Bulletin Board is designed to provide easy access to newly posted metallurgical and materials engineering articles, research papers, etc., current web site updates, and news about upcoming additions.

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Coming Soon: New Online Tele-Conference Courses.AMA continues to receive regular requests from professionals around the world who are personally interested in taking one or more of AMA's continuing education courses. In light of the increasing costs and difficulties of air travel in today's heightened security environment, we are researching ways in which the courses can be offered via the Internet and Tele-conferencing.

Current plans call for the appropriate section of the course workbook (in Acrobat format) to be available through log-in to a special area of the web site prior to the scheduled call in time for each tele-conference class. In this way students can hear the instructor giving the class lecture as well as see a visual graphic presentation at the same time. Each course is to be offered in a number of sessions to provide time for material assimiliation and discussion/questions at the end of each tele-conference period.

We are still working on the logistics of handling the major time differences in other parts of the world, so initially they will be available only to students residing in North America. Because of the large file size of the graphical illustrations, a high-speed Internet connection will be needed as well as simultaneous access to the Internet and telephone connection.

We will be posting further information regarding this new resource as plans are firmed up. In the interim, if you would be interested in taking one of AMA's professional development courses and would like to be placed on our mailing list for new information regarding them, please use our Contact Form to drop us a note, by clicking here, and let us know which course or courses in which you have a particular interest.

Newly Posted Research Papers.

If you and your colleagues have recently published a paper related to surface engineering, corrosion, wear and oxidation, lightweight armor, nano materials or other area of metallurgical science, which you would like to have included here, you are invited to contact AMA's President, Dr. Jacob (Jack) Stiglich.

Site Updates and Additions.

  • Exciting New AMA Professional Development Course: "Heat Treatment of Steels"

    AMA is pleased to add to its continuing education program, this brand new course, which at the request of Benet Laboratories-Watervliet Arsenal has already been taught twice at their facility, and will be of significant benefit to designers, engineers, plant and operations managers, and advanced technicians.

  • Order Immediate-Need Consulting Services On Line and pay through PayPal

    New clients with an immediate need for technical support on a specific issue or area, as well as existing clients who utilize AMA's consulting and data research services on an intermittent or as-needed basis, can now make their consulting fee payments quickly and easily through PayPal or by credit card (even if you do not have a PayPal account).

    Offering the security of strong SSL encryption to safeguard transmission of personal information, we hope you will find this most recent addition to the AMA site convenient and helpful.

  • Resource Center - New FAQs Addition:

    A number of new responses to queries about basic metallurgical concepts, failure analysis, wear, corrosion and oxidation issues, and materials characterization have been added to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section. (Visitors are invited to send in questions. Dr. Stiglich will review them and if the issue relates to an area of general interest, we will do our best to include them in a following update of the FAQs section.).


    • "Man, Metals, & Magic"

      An entertaining and enlightening 39 page survey of the ancient history of Metallurgy. Those who enjoy learning how things began and how they got from there to here will especially enjoy this walk along the Metals Road as man explores and discovers the many uses of metals. Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher is required this online book in PDF format.

  • Taste of Colorado Photo Gallery:

    In addition to the Spring and Summer Galleries, two new Galleries -- "Fall's Fiery Glow" and "Winter's Garb of White" -- have been added to the collection of outstanding scenic photography by Larry Burton, a professional photographer, climber and skier who has been photographing Colorado extensively for many years.

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