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To acquaint you with the location of information within our site, following is a Summary of Main Menu categories and their respective Subcategories.

"Company" - Main Menu Tab 1.
New Visitor Information; Learn More About Advanced Materials Associates; Meet AMA's President & CEO; Strategic Alliances and Associations; AMA Client List; Your Privacy & Security; AMA Site Use Policy.

"Services" - Main Menu Tab 2.
AMA Services Overview; Some Ways Clients Use & Benefit by AMA Services; Order Immediate or Intermittent Need Technical/Research Services On line; AMA Non Disclosure Agreement; Contact Us About AMA Services.

"Courses & Seminars" - Main Menu Tab 3.
AMA Corporate Training Program; General Course Information; "Fundamentals of Metallurgy: A Roadmap for Beginners;" Metallurgy for the Non Metallurgist;" "Introduction to Surface Engineering & Coating Technologies;" "Failure Analysis: Why Components Fail, and How to Organize a Failure Investigation;" "Failure Analysis of Metal Parts/Fracture Mechanics & Fatigue Analysis;" "Synthesis and Consolidation of Nano Materials;" "Heat Treatment Of Steels;"Custom Designed Courses; Contact AMA about a Course.

"Resources" - Main Menu Tab 4.
This section of our site is updated regularly and includes a variety of FAQ's about questions and issues of Basic Metallurgy Concepts, Surface Engineering, Wear, Corrosion and Oxidation issues, Materials Characterization, Failure Analysis and Investigation, etc. Also included are newly published R&D Papers in Acrobat Reader format.

"News and Views - the AMA Bulletin Board" - Main Menu Tab 5.
Articles, papers and other related industry news, as well as Site updates and new features and services, such as the Quarterly Materials Engineering Newsletter, Topic-Specific On-line Mini Courses, etc., which are being developed and will become available in the near future.

"A Taste of Colorado" - Main Menu Tab 6.
A gallery of beautiful photographic scenes of Colorado, its mountain High Country and valleys -- provided as a pleasurable respite from the day's demands, and an interesting excursion for guests who may not have had the opportunity to personally explore our wonderful state.

"Help & Support"  - Main Menu Tab 7.
Customer Service Center; Contact AMA; and Links to Interesting Sites.