Strategic Alliances & Associations.  .  .

strategic professional alliances and associations extend and enhance the scope of AMA services
Over the years, Advanced Materials Associates has had the privilege of working with many distinguished professionals in the materials sciences, and is fortunate to have a well-established network of key associations with a number of expert associates, laboratories, and academic institutions. Following is a brief summary of major key associates and alliances, which enable us to further enhance the broad scope of services provided by AMA.

AMA key alliances include a number of materials science continuing education course instructors

Key Alliances

T. S. Sudarshan, Ph.D.    Dr. Sudarshan and AMA's President, Dr. Stiglich, have had a continuing professional association for more than fifteen years. They collaborate frequently on research proposals, papers, and development projects, and Dr. Sudarshan is the lead co-instructor of the AMA Professional Development Course Series.

Co-founder and CEO of Materials Modification, Inc., Fairfax, VA, Dr. Sudarshan originated and has served for the past sixteen years as lead organizer of a series of international conferences on surface modification technologies that have been held in 9 countries on 3 continents. He is active in the research, development and application of powders and coatings technology. His published writings include more than 120 papers, 15 books on surface modification technologies and two books on rapid solidification technology and inter metallic and ceramic coatings.

Dr. Sudarshan holds seven patents, is co editor of two major journals, "Materials and Manufacturing Processes" and "Surface Engineering," and has taught courses around the world in failure analysis, nano materials and surface engineering. Dr. Sudarshan is a Fellow of ASM, past chairman of the Surface Engineering Division of ASM, and member of the National Materials Advisory Board.

Tirumalai S. Srivatsan, Ph.D.    Lead Instructor for the AMA Professional Development Course, Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Analysis, Dr. Srivatsan is a tenured Professor with the University of Akron, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Prior to joining the faculty 17 years ago, he held a number of distinguished positions, including Lead Project Engineer, Materials Modification, Inc., Collateral Faculty for the Ohio Aerospace Institute, where he was actively involved in instruction of graduate-level and under graduate level courses, Research Fellow and Instructor, Georgia Tech Research Institute of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Research Fellow at the Center for Computational Sciences, Atlanta University.

Dr. Srivatsan received his B. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bangalore, India, his Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Author, editor and co-editor of 24 books, he is a scholarly reviewer for 15 professional journals, proposal reviewer for 6 governmental organizations, has published several hundred papers, and executed research programs for the U. S. Air Force, U. S. Navy, National Science Foundation and numerous industry organizations.

Susan Watkins Borenstein, P.E.   Ms. Borenstein has over thirty years of metallurgical and corrosion engineering experience within the petrochemical, utility, and chemical industries. Author of an extensive list of books and publications, including her most recent title, "Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Handbook," Ms. Borenstein holds Registered Engineer certification in Texas, California, Rhode Island and Delaware. Memberships and affiliations include the National Association of Corrosion Engineers - Corrosion Specialist No. 4254; Fellow, Institute of Corrosion--United Kingdom; and California Teaching Credential - 188BOR001.

An accomplished manager and writer, her professional accomplishments include international experience in engineering innovative and economical solutions in corrosion control, risk based inspection, material selection, failure analysis and product development. Ms. Borenstein serves as a co-instructor of several of the AMA Professional Development Courses.

Eric Muehlberger, P.E.   A Fellow of the International Thermal Spray Society, Mr. Muehlberger received Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and in Optical Engineering from the Zeiss Institute of Technology in West Germany. After inventing the low pressure plasma spray technology, he founded a successful thermal spray company, which he headed for many years. Approximately ten years ago, He sold the company and his technology to Sulzer Metco, one of the two largest multi national thermal spray equipment/materials corporations in the world.

Mr. Muehlberger has continued to consult world-wide for Sulzer Metco and also maintains his own LPPS system at a Los Angeles laboratory in support of aerospace firms such as Pratt Whitney. Mr. Muehlberger and Dr. Stiglich collaborate on LPPS development projects, utilizing Mr. Muehlberger's LPPS system and are co-authors of "Advanced Low Pressure Plasma Materials Processing," for presentation to and publication in the 2004 Eighteenth International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies in Dijon, France, Conference Proceedings.

AMA also maintains close associations with Colorado School of Mines MME Professional Services

Key Associations

Colorado School of Mines.   Established in 2002, the MME Professional Services auxiliary enterprise contributes to economic development by supporting private enterprise in areas where the Department of MME has special expertise, equipment and facilities

AMA's CEO, Dr. Jacob Stiglich, serves as Director, MME Professional Services, Research Associate, and is the official Point of Contact/Project Coordinator for a broad spectrum of services that include consulting, technology transfer assistance, industrial liaisons, short-term technology-development project, student internships and Co-Op experiences, and short courses and training programs, in cooperation with SPACE.

With extensive Equipment and Laboratory facilities, the MME Professional Services include Electron Microscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Chemical and Structural Analytical, Electronic Materials Characterization and Processing, Polymer Characterization, Computational Resources, Commercial Codes, Mechanical Testing and Forming, Coating and Thin Film Testing and Deposition System, Joining and Welding Laboratory, Mass Spectrometer, Metallography and Optical Microscopy, Corrosion and Surface Analysis, Pyrochemical Capabilities, Hydro metallurgical Capabilities, Particulate Processing and Analysis, Nuclear Radiation Analysis, support facilities and Specimen Machine Shop.

With sixty-one Ph.D. faculty and staff members, the MME Professional Services Department provides private industry with metallurgical expertise in alloys and alloying, brazing, casting, ceramics, chemical processing, combustion synthesis, composite materials, corrosion, cracking and fatigue, ceramics and electro chemical corrosion, extractive metallurgy, failure analysis, fatigue and fracture, ferrites, ferrous metallurgy, flotation, forging and forming of metals, hydro metallurgy, laser welding, joining of metals, and machining of metals and plastics.

ORNL Group Leader Dr. Craig Blue and Dr. Stiglich collaborate on many projects and funding proposals

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Craig Blue, Ph.D.    Recently promoted to ORNL Group Leader Dr. Blue was designated as an "2004 Scientist of The Year" in recognition of his significant accomplishments and management of the Infrared Processing Center.

Over the past decade, Dr. Stiglich has worked with Dr. Blue and ORNL on many projects, utilizing the IPC laboratory to conduct coatings experiments, surface treatments, characterization and processing of bulk ceramic materials. A number of the experiments have resulted in project funding, including a feasibility study for the United States Army of a client's new gun barrel coating process.