A Taste of Beautiful Colorado
Gallery III:   
Fall's Fiery Golden Glow

"I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and
To have my senses put in tune once more."
--John Burroughs

Named by Abner Sprague for his wife, Alberta Falls is an exceptionally delightful hike during autumn when the air is crisp, the skies brilliantly blue, and the aspens turn to fiery red and yellow to herald the coming of winter's snowy garb.

The trail winds through dazzling aspen stands and rushing streams. Small animals scurry about and deer may wander down the trail. In this golden forested place, one can easily relax and for awhile, simply be!

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Nestled at the base of this dramatic mountain scenery and secluded valley, Telluride has become a resort haven. Once a colorful, prosperous mining town during the late 1800s, Telluride was said to derive its name from the chemical element, tellurium. However, according to geologists, this mineral is curiously not found within the Telluride area.

Owl's Creek Pass
Miles and miles of aspen carpet the mountain slopes surrounding Owl Creek Pass.  The colors are like waves in a sea of yellow.  This back country route traverses the largest stand of aspens imaginable and rises to a summit of 10,114 feet.  It is located between the Uncompahgre Valley and the Gunnison River.

the Colorado Trail.
Dotting the landscape are vibrant golden Aspen groves, providing a brilliant contrast and stunning foreground for the jagged mountain peaks. This portion of the jeep trail is near Ouray, Colorado.

Collegiate Peaks Area
A lush carpet of vibrant colored wildflowers creates a stunning foreground for the jagged mountain peaks.  A lone hiker enjoys the Colorado Trail's solitary stillness, while testing his skills high on mountain slopes where trees are sparse, terrain is rugged and bighorn sheep gather.

Hot Sulphur Springs
Amidst a breathtaking display of fiery fall foliage set against a backdrop of golden aspens, rider and horse enjoy the counterpoint of fall's crisp air offset by the warmth of the sun's bright rays.

San Juans
Pleasant Valley sits at the base of the San Juan Range and Mount Sneffels. It is a place where one easily imagines how a rancher's life must have been 100 years ago. Wide open spaces, lush grasses for horses to graze and freedom to roam these hills in the spirit of true grit, make this incredibly beautiful valley truly unforgettable.

Alberta Falls
Descriptive text and a small image are shown at the top of this page. However, this view of Alberta Falls is so stunningly beautiful, we have included it in the Gallery of works so that you may enjoy the full view.

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