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A Taste of Beautiful Colorado!
Gallery I:   Spring Comes To Colorado

Considered one of the most idyllic places in North America, Colorado is known for its scenic landscape, which is a treasure trove of diverse topography, ranging from open meadows and grazing lands to the majestic beauty of the towering Rocky Mountains, profiled against pristine azure blue skies.

The galleries feature photographic works of highly creative professional Colorado photographers: Larry Burton of Creative Arts Publishing Company, the well known photographer, climber and skier who has photographed Colorado extensively for many years; and Eric Lars Bakke of Evergreen Photo Alliance.

The "Taste of Colorado" Galleries have been included in the AMA site as a special feature, for the enjoyment of guests who may not had the pleasure of personally exploring our beautiful state and as a relaxing respite from the demands and pressures of the day. Enjoy!

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Maroon Bells
In the heart of the Elk Mountains lies the Maroon Bells.  These peaks are over 14,000 feet and tower above Maroon Lake in a perfect mountain setting.  The area has been designated the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Area and is one of the most majestic sights within the Rocky Mountains.

Trail Ridge Summit
This stunningly striking ancient rock collage is perched high above tree line on Trail Ridge Summit in Rocky Mountain National Park. The golden light is a reflection from lichen-covered rocks. Remnants from the forces of erosion, the rocks are being slowly dissolved by carbonic acid that lichens produce.

Pikes Peak In Summer
Unique red rock formations framed by a twisted juniper create a picturesque setting for Pikes Peak. A prominent landmark in Colorado, the mountain rises to 14,110 feet. Explorer Zebulon Pike first sighted this peak in 1806. By 1859, gold seekers were plastering their wagons with "Pikes Peak or Bust!"

Mesa Verde National Park
Preserved as the largest archeological ruin in the United States, Mesa Verde became a national park in 1906. It is located in Colorado's southwest corner in a land of mesas and canyons. Cliff dwellings, mesa top ruins and artifacts remain to unearth the story of an ancient Indian civilization.

Rocky Mountain National Park
Uplifting of the Rocky Mountains began millions of years ago. This action created a large chain of mountains with elevations near or above 12,000 feet. This high mountain plateau with expansive arctic tundra environment, known as Trail Ridge, is one of the major reasons for establishing Rocky Mountain National Park.

Lake Dillon
Viewed from Swan Mountain overlooking Lake Dillon is a panoramic view of Buffalo Mountain, so called because of the similarity the American Indians felt it had to the buffalo's hump. With Colorado's abundance of sun-filled summer days, it is a mecca for colorful sail boats, fishermen angling for tasty red trout, and hikers enjoying the views along the shore side trail.

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