Sample Characterization Instruments . . .

For those who may not be familiar with some of the current characterization instruments available, we have included photographs of some of the manufacturer products referenced in the Characterization Resources.

The vendors and photographs in the AMA Gallery are solely for educational and informational purposes. Advanced Materials Associates neither receives any remuneration by the manufacturers nor is the information an endorsement of the products shown.

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Krautkramer Branson, Lewistown, PA
The Krautkramer MTM 10/MTM 20 Nondestructive Magnetic Thickness Meter.

Fischer Technology, Inc.
Hand-held instruments for measuring thickness of coatings on ferrous or nonferrous metals, according to the magnetic induction and eddy current methods. Their Permascope Mpod, Isoscope Mpod and Dualscope Mpod are instruments with an integrated measurement probe for one-hand operation.

Krautkramer Branson, Lewistown, PA
The Krautkramer CTM 20 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness meter.

MTI Corporation, Plymouth, MI
The Mitutoyo Hardmatic HH-401, rebound type portable hardness tester.

Krautkramer Branson, Inc.
The Krautkramer DynaPocket, pocket-size hardness tester.

Niton Corporation, Billerica, MA
One of the Niton Corporation's hand-held instruments for metals ID and ally analysis. They manufacture a variety of hand-held and stand alone XRF analyzer systems for a wide variety of elemental metal and alloy analysis, including high performance XRF analyzers, X-Ray, tube-based systems, mobile and bench-top Optical Emissions Spectroscopy (OES) analyzers.

Rigaku, The Woodlands, TX
Real-Time X-Ray Imaging Systems: For X-Ray Diffraction/Fluorescence. The system permits stress analysis of surface; texture determination (cold working, etc.), phase determination, fluorescence=elemental analysis, mapping of all the above related to sample location, robotic manipulation of small parts is available, service lab, and beam focus down to about 10-2mm = 0.0004 in radius.

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