Photomicrograph Gallery III:

Copper Color Metallography . . .

Following are some examples of annealed and cold worked copper metallography.

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Figure 1.  This annealed cartridge brass, Cu-30Zn, was prepared using the traditional method, and the process included multiple etch-polish cycles (Klemm's I reagent, 100X).

Figure 2.   Annealed cartridge brass prepared by the traditional method, followed by vibratory polishing with an attack polish agent in colloidal silica with multiple etch-polish cycles. This yield a scratch free surface but excessive relief (Klemm's I reagent, 20X, DIC).

Figure 3.   Annealed electrolytic tough-pitch copper prepared by the contemporary method plus a brief vibratory polish (Klemm's II reagent, 50X, cross-polarized light with light use of sensitive tint).

Figure 4.   Annealed and cold drawn arsenical, phosphorus-deoxidized copper prepared with the contemporary approach (Klemm's I reagent,, 50X, crossed-polarized light plus sensitive tint).

Figure 5.   Cold worked cartridge brass, Cu-30Zn, prepared by the contemporary method, showing heavy slip deformation (Klemm's I reagent, 100X, nearly crossed-polarized light with sensitive tint.

Figure 6.   This dendrite microstructure of sand-cast hypo eutectic Cu-4.5P was revealed when prepared by the contemporary method (Klemm's II reagent, 200X, bright field).

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