What are the different types of corrosion?

The word corrosion comes from Latin and means to "gnaw
or chew into little pieces." In metallurgy, it is the chemical
or electro-chemical reaction between a material (usually a
)and its environment that causes deterioration of the
metal and its properties.
    Types of Corrosion:

  • Uniform

  • Pitting

  • Crevice

  • Galvanic (dissimilar materials in an electro-chemical cell)

  • Erosion Corrosion (flowing corrodent)
    - Cavitation in corrodent
    - Fretting (mechanical motion)

  • Inter granular (including exfoliation)

  • De alloying (attack of one component in an alloy)

  • Corrosion Assisted Cracking
    - Stress Corrosion (tensile stress)
    - Corrosion Fatigue (cyclic stress)

  • Hydrogen Damage (embrittlement, blistering, etc.)

  • Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC)