Excellence.  It Begins With Training!

To raise new questions, new possibilities, and to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative thinking beyond boundaries, and marks real advances in science."

"Every single one of us has a chance to do something big with our lives. By waking up to this potential and acting on it, amazing things can happen!"

--Albert Einstein, Nobel laureate, Physics 

On-the-job experience is a good teacher, but in today's
globally competitive environment .  .  . is it enough?

The Technology Revolution and Human Resources.    The accelerating pace of technological change combined with "creative destruction" of industries is steadily increasing the importance of continued education and training. The requirements for participating in the generation of products and services are changing. As technology continues to become more interdisciplinary, education and training must change to enable workers to participate. Technology workers, (e.g., designers, engineers, technicians, operations managers) will need a deeper multidisciplinary education to enable teaming, and to understand when to bring in specialists from different disciplines.

To meet the challenges of today and those of tomorrow, and to reap the benefits of the array of new opportunities they will bring, businesses will need to invest more resources on continued training and education across their workforce, in order to provide at least a fundamental understanding of multiple disciplines, with the emphasis on a larger component of breadth across disciplines.

The Twins of Growth and Change.   Perhaps more than at any other time in the history of our country, businesses today have but two choices . . . go forward, or fall behind. China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, India . . . all are growing at unprecedented rates. And the exponential advances in technology are changing the face of the universe right before our eyes. These, and many other changes, will mean progressively challenging demands on management and employees to move beyond yesterday's knowledge to higher levels of effectiveness.

Challenge and Opportunity.   These changes will mean not only new responsibilities and challenges, but vast new opportunities as well. That's why managers are putting more training dollars into their budgets. It reduces turnover, increases productivity, boosts employee morale and commitment, and gives companies a competitive edge in attracting and retaining the top-notch, enthusiastic, dedicated employees needed for successful competition.

Continuing Professional Development: A Key Ingredient.   While we can not control the winds of change, we can set our sails for the direction in which we want to go. Continuing education and professional development programs provide clients with solid tools to help manage it. AMA's training courses, workshops and seminars are specifically designed to help technical, management, and professional employees manage the challenges . . . and turn them into opportunities and advantages.

AMA brings the course and instructors to your site.   Expanding on the core curricula of the AMA public professional development courses, the AMA on site training programs are carefully tailored specifically to the client organization's needs, requirements and objectives. Introductory level as well advanced, concentrated skills courses are available in several formats, including one-day seminars, intensive 2-5 day courses, or sequential, multi-phased programs.

  • Customized training in Metallurgy & Processes, Testing & Failure Analysis, Metallography & Characterization, Surface Engineering, Nano materials

  • Focus on subject areas that are key to employee job tasks

  • Use on-site training to solve on-the-job problems

  • Employees receive valuable training without leaving your facility

  • Learn from metallurgy and processes experts

  • Receive course materials that can be used for future reference

Getting from here to there.   Whether your goal is to strengthen a small to medium size company so it can grow and compete successfully in the new millennium, or to enhance the profitability and shareholder value of your larger corporation, an AMA training program can be tailored to help you get from here to there more quickly, more profitably.

AMA Courses.   Designed for non metallurgists, the AMA Professional Course Series takes the mystery out of metallurgy and advanced materials. Guaranteed to sharpen skills and techniques, they are designed to help your employees achieve a higher level of performance, faster. The introductory courses provide employees with more focused application of skills on particular typical functional assignments. The more advanced, intensive course versions complement the core curriculum, with the focus on studying particular skill sets in greater depth. All of the AMA courses are tailored specifically to meet the needs, requirements and objectives of the client company, and currently include the following primary subject areas:

General Information.   Course FAQs and other helpful information about AMA's Professional Development Program are available here.


To explore the ways in which an AMA professional development program can take key employees beyond the scope of their own experience, and help them identify ways to improve and enhance productivity, please contact AMA's CEO, Dr. Jacob Stiglich.

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