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AMA Professional Development and Continuing Education Programs -- An efficient, cost effective way to train employees without the expense of travel, housing or time away from work

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about the AMA Professional Development and Continuing Education Programs -- An efficient, cost effective way to train employees without the expense of travel, housing or time away from work.

If you have questions or would like information not covered in this section, please feel free to contact us.

How many students are recommended for an on site course?   The AMA professional development courses use a small group, workshop approach. We recommend a maximum of twenty students per course, in order to provide ample opportunities for discussion and interaction between the instructors and students. Often times larger companies and organizations will have thirty-five or forty people who will benefit from the same training. In those instances, we suggest conducting the course sequentially for two smaller groups.

Can you integrate information from our organization into the course?   AMA's custom training program is highly flexible. The training will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and scheduled to meet your priorities. In line with our commitment to professionalism and client satisfaction, there is no additional charge for custom tailoring the course.

Can your training reflect our own requirements and company culture?   As companies and organizations grow and mature, they develop their own special culture, processes and vocabulary. AMA appreciates that your company is unique and has its own special character. With some advance work, our experts can match training content and delivery methods to that character at no additional charge.

We prefer on site training but do not have space for the number of people we want to train; can you conduct the course at another local site?   Most of AMA's clients do prefer on site training as it is extremely cost effective. If a company does not have on site training facilities, or they are not large enough for the group to be trained, we can make arrangements for the course at a nearby local hotel or meeting facility of your preference.

Are the "suggested pre-requisite courses" required?   The introductory one and two day courses provide an excellent foundation for the intermediate level courses, which are more intensive and explore topics in greater depth. They have proven to be especially helpful for students who have little or no prior experience in metallurgy, and are recommended but not mandatory pre-requisites.

Some topics are especially important to our people. Can more time be spent on those areas, or can a custom designed, topic-specific course be developed for our company?   All of the AMA courses are highly flexible, including topics and course length. We work with your company to tailor the course to your requirements. Topics can be expanded or contracted, and special areas of interest can be added. The science of metallurgy includes a vast array of subjects, and if desired, we can custom design a course specifically for your company that will focus on in depth study of two or three specific topics.

Does AMA use a particular course format?   Yes, we do. Years of teaching continuing education courses have shown that the learning experience is maximized by an informal, workshop approach in which participants are encouraged to ask questions and comment on topics during the course. visual aids are used extensively throughout the course to further enhance understanding and retention of the material. Additionally, we use a "co-instructor team training" approach. Each AMA instructor has specialized knowledge, training and experience in one or more metallurgical and advanced materials sub-discipline areas. By working together as a team of two or three instructors, students not only benefit from their specialized training, the diversity of perspectives and delivery styles serve to maintain high student interest levels and course enjoyment.

Are There Any Training Materials Provided?   Yes, complete documentation is provided for each course, using a tab-indexed, three-ring binder format, which also includes all charts, graphs, pictures, and diagrams. Each course workbook averages 600-800 pages and serves as a valuable Reference Book for future use. The workbooks also make any need for note taking minimal, which increases comprehension, understanding, and retention of the material, as students are free to concentrate more fully on the presentations and visual aids.

What is the lead time required to schedule an AMA on site course?   That will depend to some degree on the level of customizing and preparation needed, especially for the more advanced intermediate level courses. As a general rule of thumb, however, we recommend that preliminary discussion be initiated a minimum of four months in advance of the target time frame with finalization of course dates, curriculum, location, and issuance of a purchase order at least sixty days prior to the scheduled course start date.

What will it cost to have AMA conduct a course for people we want to train?    AMA courses are exceptionally cost effective and frequently less than industry wide averages for training of this quality and level. Course fees depend upon a number of factors, including length, number of students, in-house -vs- local off-site location, as well as discounts for larger groups, sequential presentations and multiple-course programs.


To explore the ways in which an AMA professional development program can take your key employees beyond the scope of their own experience, and help them identify ways to improve and enhance productivity, please contact AMA's CEO, Dr. Jacob Stiglich.

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