Some Of The Ways In Which AMA Clients
Benefit From Our Services . . .

some of the many ways AMA clients benefit by our services

The need to obtain a profit, versus the time and human resources available for innovative research, can represent a major challenge to many companies today.

AMA's contract consulting services provide solid solutions for current and future anticipated needs that give AMA clients valuable options and flexibility.

Whether the company's need is for periodic off loading, filling shorter term technical gaps in resources, or enlisting expert advice at key project design, specification and milestones . . . our goal is to help clients maximize the success of their research and development activities.

Following are some of the ways in which clients call upon our intellectual and technical resources for cost effective solutions that enable them to retain strategic innovation capabilities, while saving on overhead, space, and equipment resource dollars.

Staff overload caused design/development problems.   AMA provided fresh ideas, off load resources to maximize staff time, an impartial project assessment, and assisted in problem resolution.

Difficulty in meeting project deadlines or schedules.   AMA worked with their team to provide guidance and assistance that helped them get the project back on schedule and within budget.

Outdated and outmoded manufacturing processes eroding profits.  AMA assisted with product redesign and technology upgrades to simultaneously reduce excessive manufacturing costs and increase production and reliability.

Heavy staff workload prevented investigation of patent pending technology feasibility.   AMA performed a study to determine development, recurring and manufacturing costs needed for an informed decision. After the client decided to pursue the project, we assisted in obtaining and structuring a two-phase pilot project.

Manufacturing and research/development issues required ongoing expert advice and information to which management and staff did not have ready access.   AMA serves as an on-call resource for the company's engineers and technicians facing deadline presssures and in need of immediate technical advice and/or assistance.

They had wrung the waste from development activities, and wanted to get a firm grasp on work place performance.   AMA custom-tailored a professional development training program designed to take employees beyond the scope of their own experience and helped identify ways to further enhance their organizational system and culture.

New Development Collaboration.   AMA provides intellectual and technical leadership resource for collaborations with numerous small businesses, entrepreneurial teams and research centers developing new advanced materials technologies.

To learn more about the ways in which AMA's personalized services can benefit your organization, please contact AMA's CEO, Dr. Jacob Stiglich.

If clients were all the same, their goals would be, too. AMA's personalized service approach recognizes that each company is unique.

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