An Overview of AMA Client Services . . .

  • Metallurgical Engineering Consulting
  • Specialists in Military Materials Applications
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Professional Development Courses
  • New Product Development Assistance
  • New Product Commercialization
  • Project Funding Proposal Writing
  • Public Speaking/Panel Participation
  • Expert Witness/Litigation Assistance

A Rich Solutions Resource for Materials and Surface Engineering Problems and Support
A Rich Solutions Resource.   You will have access to more than a quarter of a century of metallurgical engineering and advanced materials insight, knowledge and experience, further enhanced by AMA's well established network of strategic alliances and associations.

Backed by a support team you can rely upon for the top quality service you deserve, AMA is a rich resource for solutions to materials problems and R&D support.

Client Focused Philosophy.   Helping clients build and maximize research and development activities is not simply "one size fits all" We believe it begins with learning to know you and your organization, your goals and objectives for a specific project or issue, and how they relate to your company's future plans. AMA works internationally with private sector, institutional and governmental clients from our Breckenridge, Colorado offices as well as on location at client sites and strategic affiliate facilities and laboratories.

Real People. Real Solutions.   AMA services and the projects to which we contribute metallurgical assistance vary greatly in scope, complexity, requirements, goals and objectives. Believing in technology transfer from laboratory to prototype to shop floor, technical consulting services range from research and development to feasibility studies, and continuing follow on support after project completion, to bridge the gap between laboratory research and practical, cost effective implementation for maximum return on investment.

Client and Project Scope Diversity.   Following are summaries of a few of the many hundreds of successful projects and services provided to AMA clients.

  • Materials Research & Development. Powder and particulate materials new product development and applications in the thermal spray industry

  • Specialty Coating Research & Development. New product development for use in continuous casting equipment exposure to flowing, molten steel

  • Welding Quality Analysis. The contractor for a petroleum handling facility had evidence that improper weld rod materials were being used, and needed a comprehensive chemical/micro structural evaluation of the weldments.

  • Chemical Storage Facilities Corrosion Analysis. A U. S. Forest Service chemical storage facility for concentrated fire retardant chemical experienced extremely aggressive corrosion of the tank steel over a period of months, which the tank manufacturer stated was highly unexpected. Detailed chemistry/micro structural analysis and corrosion tests were conducted over a two-month period, which revealed the source of the problem, and recommended solution alternatives were provided.

  • Improved Corrosion Resistance. LPPS deposited pure 1/2 O3 and Y/Al garnet (YAG) onto Al2O3 and aluminum alloy substrates for corrosion resistance improvement in plasma acid etching chambers used by the microelectronics industry.

  • Alternative Surface Treatments. On site review of engine component manufacturing process, followed by a written report providing recommendations for alternative surface treatments to increase corrosion resistance, while maintaining wear resistance.

  • Welding/Galling Wear During Casting. On site reviews of several aluminum die casting companies processes with recommendations to improve die cast tooling resistance to welding/galling wear by liquid aluminum alloys during casting. Emphasis was placed on cost effective surface treatments, and increasing cutting tool resistance to galling wear during machining of cast components.

  • Cutting Systems Wear Problems. On site review of company's surface engineering and coatings technologies, to ascertain the source of wear problems on forming tooling for saw components. Recommendations included replacements for a chromium electroplating process, which has become expensive due to disposal problems, and referrals to two companies whose follow on projects addressed these problems.

  • Dow Chemical Lightweight Armor. Writing and submission of Dow Chemical Company Proposals to the U.S. Government Department of Defense, resulting in $1.5 and $2.0 million in funded development projects. Travel to Europe and Israel to work with Dow representatives and European companies who wanted to partner with Dow on the projects.

  • Goodrich Corporation Development Projects. Assisting GC engineers with Air Force and NASA funding projects, writing of proposals for new work. Development of new applications for their carbon/carbon composite aircraft brake materials and SiC matrix/carbon fiber components, which the Air Force agreed to test for fighter plane turbine engine components.

  • Military Applications. Developmental consulting work for three companies that will result in proprietary and patentable products that will improve lightweight armor materials and gun barrel coatings and treatment. The armor materials are custom synthesized nano ceramics and special, low cost complex shape ceramic matrix composites.

    Applications include improved personnel and vehicular armor (including so called structural armor), which has not been available for the past 30 years. Gun barrel coatings are refractory metals and alloys, which may be metallurgically bonded to medium and high caliber weapon barrels. Supporters of this work are the Army Research Laboratory and Picatinny Arsenal.

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