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Breckenridge Colorado offices, serving clients worldwide

Our Company.
   Founded in 1985, Advanced Materials Associates serves as a definitive source for metallurgical knowledge and experience. Our materials engineering services include technical consulting, employee training courses, project development and product commercialization support.

Advanced Materials Associates offices are conveniently located northwest of Denver, Colorado in the beautiful alpine high country of Breckenridge. State of the art equipment, high speed communications technology, and ready access to the Vail/Eagle, Denver, and Colorado Springs Airports enable us to efficiently serve clients in the US and abroad, including India, Israel, Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, and Switzerland.

recognized experts in ceramic composite fabrication, ordnance coatings applications and materials, materials fabrication processes, wear corrosion and high temperature oxidation

Our History.
   Clients rely upon our track record and scientific expertise to assist them with innovative materials solutions designed to maximize return on current and planned development projects, while providing cost effective consulting support for peak performance.

AMA Founder and President, Dr. Jacob Stiglich, is a recognized expert in ceramic composite fabrication, CVD fluidized-bed powder coating and materials for ordnance applications, development of CVD coatings and ceramic materials fabrication processes, and solutions for wear, corrosion and high temperature oxidation.

AMA's deep and broad knowledge base and well-established network of strategic alliances and affiliations, including other materials experts, universities, laboratories, and governmental agencies, enable us to provide business and organizational clients with prompt, efficient, innovative, quality-and-value-based services that result in a significant competitive edge.

broad knowledge base,alliances with material experts universities laboratories and governmental agencies innovative value based materials engineering services

AMA mascot

Our Mascot.
   For almost nine years, it has been our pleasure to share the property with this elegant young lady who has become the AMA Resident Mascot!

Each spring, several tiny furry balls come tumbling out of the den. For several months, while the female fox carefully stands guard, and the male fox brings endless food treats for them, everyone gets to enjoy the playful antics of the new kits as they grow into beautiful young adolescents.

Then, in late summer, the adult foxes lead their young family into the National Forest nearby to teach them to hunt and forage. Later, when winter snows come, our lady mascot returns to her den at the property's edge where she will await spring and another new family of playful kits.

Our Mission.

  • Provide thought leadership to rapidly changing enterprises
  • Identify opportunities that translate into real dollar benefits
  • Provide integrated, cost-effective client solutions
  • Transform research data into usable business intelligence
  • Provide superior quality results at fair prices

Our Approach.
  • Listening
  • Understanding
  • Solving
  • Implementing
  • Assisting

Our Values and Guiding Principles.
  • Deliver the finest services and solutions in a timely manner
  • Provide unparalleled levels of quality and personal client service
  • Conduct all business on the highest ethical basis
  • Treat others as we would like to be treated
  • Develop solutions utilizing the KISS (Keep It Simple Solutions) approach

AMA provides strong leadership and extraordinary visition to clients out sourcing R&D support